Monday, November 21, 2011

The men among men

I hope to drink one day
With men who speak the truth
Whose face is not veiled in any way
Who are immune to their to their hatred and rebukes

We were spineless creatures then. So we are, even now
For is it not of the spineless to shrink..
Into shadows, when opposed? Sweat trickling down their browThen to say not, what they think?

But there are men among men, on the other hand..
Striking valiantly at the heart of deceit
And when, for the just cause, they take a stand..
"The men are here!", say their foes, and beat a hasty retreat

Their eyes are proud and seeing
Their actions, kind and just
Their language has truth and meaning
They are the ones who we ought to trust

These are not lofty words! They do exist, such men..
And they are gathering as we speak..
Enemies of truth and reason, beware then
A world devoid of your treachery is what they seek.

Richard Dawkins and James Randi

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Is it just me or..

When I see the world now,
I see a lot of gray,
There is no black or white.

"I can see a lot of mellow."
is what I will say,
"And no one is absolutely wrong or.. right."

The conflicts are still there..
So are night and day
Its just that things have changed a bit

I can see things more clearly
Or so, I like to say
And obviously, my clothes don't fit..

But there is more to these changes,
Somehow, things aren't anymore wonderful to me
And the world is smaller it seems

I am told of ulterior motives and that even the free aren't exactly free,
A lot of conspiracy theories and countless evil schemes

Don't get me wrong!
I love this world, I do..
But of late, it has gotten so mundane..

We don't have much good music
And good movies are so few!
Finding quality stuff is such a pain!

The few years that I have been here..
The world has changed for sure..
Every now and then there has been a trend setter..

But don't take my word for it! Go check out yourself!
For I have changed too..
And not always for the better..

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Darkness, my love

She peers at me through the glass..
She keeps me from the world. She is rightly hated.
But as the end of night comes to pass
A lavender twilight awaits, which darkness has created.. for me
I don't notice. I slumber through the morning breeze.
She runs to her shadows, afraid to wake me and invite my ire
She knows not that my reverie will rudely cease
As the sun slowly moves higher
Soon there is light everywhere, but darkness lingers on
Hoping to catch me smiling as I move under the shade
Darkness, like a doting lover waits, though the day is long drawn
For its from this waiting and hating that love stories are made

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Blue Lagoon

It was the moon that lent the radiant glow
To sands that stroke the purple sea,
And they sparkled like the maiden's cheek
Who, by the first kiss of love hath been set free.

The boughs afar lilted in the breeze
That murmured softly, its midnight song
As the idylls lulled bird and beast to slumber
But I, could hold out for so long...

The sands are still here,
The waves ride high
The trees are near
Yet the island heaves a sigh.

The corals are still there, I heard
The tears of the reef are yet to dry
And as the wind whistles by, don't you trust its word
For, when all is silent, you can hear it cry.

The sea took her long ago
And sometime back, snatched her footprints too, from the sands,
It took her echoes from the caves in the rocks...
It took her....right out of my hands....

And as the tears blind me slowly
And the silence makes it hard to hear
I have long given up.
Yet, to feel what my eyes cannot see...
My hands still persevere.

Written after a long hiatus
I was inspired to write after I read a love story [that too after a long time] titled "Maru", which is a very beautiful yet confusing short story

Monday, April 21, 2008

And It Rained

As I see the dark clouds lining
I make a wish and pray
That it wouldn't rain and spoil the sunshine streaking
Through the clouds today
And like the thousand others I make, I knew
This wish wouldn't come true
But its just the wishing, praying and hoping
That a helpless me could do
So I just kept staring bravely
Out into the blue
Thinking why the storm has to always come
Without a single clue
But storms do come
Just like rainy days in life
So I fill my heart with the cheer of raindrops
In my days of strife
And then I build some paper boats
To sail through the floods that come
But I never venture out in the cold
For my fingers go numb
So I drop my boats out the window
And set them on their way
I know that the cruel torrent won't ever,
Let them go astray
I watch as my boats twist and turn
Trying not to come undone
But slowly, all of them perish, like my dreams
Sinking one by one
I know I can't take it anymore
I really want to break free...
But the shackles of my tamed existence
Keep tugging at me
As it rains outside, my heart spills a tear
But I quietly wipe my eye
My eyes are sore, so just for once today,
I will let the heavens cry

Inspired by Bob Dylan

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Look ma! Here I am again
Drown me in your embrace and rid me of all the pain
How long will you keep me from the warmth of your chest?
Its only in your arms where I want to rest
Nay! Don't hide it! Let me feel her silvery hair
How I like to see them glisten as they flutter without a care
Please Ma, grab me by my hand like in the good old days...
Twist my ears and make me swear that I will mend my ways
Teach me to walk again Ma, hold my fingers in your palm..
Make me bow before the Lord, sing to me the morning psalm
Speak Ma! For I cannot, and tell them that your silence bespeaketh your ire..
Stop cruel people! Please don't feed her to the fire!
Oh God! So many angels you have up there. Please give mine back to me..
Oh Death! Be kind today and my Ma go free..
For though I am old and she is too, I still am her little child
Let me breathe my last in her she strokes my hair
For there every pain becomes mild

What can I say? Its all written for Ma, Ammi, Amma, Mummy, Aai....
I hope she stays with me for as long as I am here

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

I am

I am the gust of wind
I am the turbulence of the sea
I am the vision of the mind
My word is final decree

I am the pain in life
I am reality
I am the ray of hope
I am imaginary

I am the shadow in darkness
I am the eyes that see
I am the courage that conquers
I am the feet that flee

I run amok in silence
I bloom eternally
I am the macabre fear
I am the life within me

I am the starry night
I am the scarlet tree
I am the kiss of the butterfly
I am the sting of the bee

I am loss, I am failure, I am the end
I am that which will never be
I am victory, I am success, I am the beginning
I am possibility

I am the fabric that makes you
I am the colour in thee
I am your strength and weakness
I am murky sadness and the effervescent glee

I am God
I am with you for eternity
I am you, you are me
I am your imagination set free

I have always believed in the phrase "It's all in the mind" perhaps this poem explains why